February 11, 2011

USA U19 blitzes past Bermuda to qualify for the Global Qualifiers

The USA U19 made quick work of Bermuda by dismissing them for just 50 and getting those runs without losing a wicket and doing so before the rains arrived.  They have now qualified for the next round on the road to the ICC U19 World Cup in 2012. 

USA U19 has had a dominant week with ball and bat.  When they have batted first (once against Argentina) they have put up an imposing total.  When they have bowled first, they have gone through the top order like sharp knife through warm butter with spinners mopping up the tail with regularity.  The catching has been decent enough that they have not let any batsman off who has subsequently scored.  They fully deserve to go through to the next round in Ireland and have a real chance to qualify for the 2012 U19 World Cup if current form and talent is any indication.

There is one thing to settle which is the bragging rights for ICC Americas U19 with their arch-rivals, Canada.  That match is on Saturday in the stadium -- a perfect setting for the finale.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.  It will be a very good test for where US U19 cricket is at this stage relative to Canada despite Canada missing their top three U19 players who are with the senior side at the moment.  The US side appears to have the momentum and the edge but that is why they play the game.

One comment about the other sides in this ICC Americas U19 tournament.  These teams have been very disappointing, particularly Bermuda which is well funded and has the best of resources and should be expected to fare better, much better.  For perspective, the US NWR U19 team has not lost to US SWR U19s in the last year (they have played twice) despite the four bowlers from SWR U19 (Salman, Shahid, Gurpreet, Abdulghani) being dominant bowlers for US in this tournament.  That speaks to the depth that US cricket has, particularly in the west coast.


  1. say what you mean and mean what you say

    posting a veiled dig to SWR in favor of NWR is underhanded especially given their current performance

    boo 3rd man!

  2. @ Anon: No dig at SWR. Just stating facts.

  3. That last comment makes it sound like NWR was able to play the bowling of SWR and that is why they won. I think it was more of a case of SWR inability to bat that led to NWR winning. With the exception of Jodhbir Singh, I don't remember reading that anyone scored much against them. Correct me If I am mistaken.

  4. @ Anon - I believe in the first match they played, NWR scored 220 odd which Jodhbir dominated with some others playing a support role and getting 10s and 20s. In the second match in December, SWR got 130 odd in 40 overs on a dicey track and NWR chased it down despite Jodhbir getting a duck with Nana and Akash having a 60 odd run 1st wicket partnership to set it up. Also, NCCA U19 (effectively NWR U19) beat SCCA U19 in their annual T50 and T20 matches with Nana getting a hundred in one of them but dont think all the bowlers played for SCCA.


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