April 25, 2012

USACA Board Ignores Judge Koh's Ruling And Gets Controversial Election Certified

USACA Board presumably with advice from its presumably highly-paid Manhattan lawyers (ironically paid by dues of now disenfranchised leagues and ICC handouts) put enough pressure on the "Independent Auditor" that they themselves selected, to certify what many around the US and around the world consider to be a farce of an election.  In doing so, they have chosen to ignore Judge Koh's ruling that the role of the Independent Auditor is much more than just ministerial.   This surely will come back to haunt them even if ICC decides to bless this very controversial election.  

The CPA firm of Keefe, McCullough and Company essentially performed a clerical task.   They did not independently verify that the voters were legitimate -- they went along with whatever the USACA Board decided which is widely held to be farcical.  They checked ballots and counted them.  They certified what they counted.  They in fact stated that it was not their job per the engagement letter to do, which is examine who and why a league was eligible to vote.  In effect, USACA Board prevented them from doing what the USACA Constitution requires (as interpreted by a US District Court Judge).

Sixteen of the 32 leagues that were disenfranchised appealed this decision with the CPA firm presuming they were Independent Auditors but they fell on seemingly deaf ears.  But Justice is not deaf, just blind -- hopefully, this whole travesty will be corrected in the not too distant future by the Judicial process.

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