April 5, 2012

USACA faces Legal Action in California Federal Court

It had to happen.  Someone was going to take legal action against USACA who under the leadership of Gladstone Dainty have been reckless in their adherence to the constitution and dismissive of due process.   Ram Vardarajan, a candidate for USACA Presidency has filed legal action which asks for the current election with 15 "hand picked" leagues to be stopped and replaced with an election with all leagues that were considered in good standing as of November 30, 2011.   

Here are some galling facts that will make it interesting for Mr. Dainty and his merry men in court.

1) Some non-compliant leagues were deemed compliant by board decree where other identically non-compliant leagues were left non-compliant.  The ones which were deemed compliant by board decree were ones who are expected to vote for Mr. Dainty.   Completely arbitrary and therefore patently unfair.

2) USACA only has banned non-compliant leagues from voting.  The outcast leagues can still play as part of USACA, their players represent US teams and of course they still need to pay their dues.  Your vintage "Taxation without Representation" at work.

3) Elections were supposed to held (per constitution) by March 30, 2011 and no later than November 30, 2011.  Of course such details dont bother Mr Dainty and his merry men.   First things first -- which was to figure out how to gerrymander so that the majority of the voters would vote for him.  That was what compliance ended up being about.  Now we can have the elections said Dainty. 

It is so bad right now for US cricket that we may all disagree on lots of other things but most of us will agree that Gladstone Dainty and his style of cricket mismanagement and corruption has to go.  

Lets hope justice is served and USACA is forced to hold elections which permit all leagues in good standing to vote.   That is democracy.  And that is what we deserve.

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