July 28, 2011

"Making USACA Pristine"

"Better late than never" as the saying goes means "better just before the elections" in USACA-speak.  This email started the "making USACA pristine" campaign.

Dear USACA Members

USACA is moving very meticulously towards building a pristine organization, a world class sporting body and every member of USACA is requested to fully cooperate in this endeavor. If you know of any missing leagues please forward this email to them. 
Having said that, I would like to mention the following:

1.      It is imperative that all leagues registered with USACA must submit the survey spreadsheet (previously sent) by the extended deadline of August 2nd.
2. All worksheets must be filled within the spreadsheet. Leagues who have filled only one or two worksheets, needs to resubmit the complete spreadsheet.

3.      There is no further extension to complete the survey spreadsheet.
4.      All regional elections that have already occurred will be null and void.

5.      Regional elections will follow once the spreadsheets are collected from the leagues based on the information collected and compliance recorded.

6.      Regional elections will be monitored and supervised by USACA board.
Thank you for your cooperation.
And when folks (rightly) objected to Mr. Dainty Gladstone's right-hand man/enforcer being the chief compliance officer, what follows was sent out, post haste.
Dear USA Cricket Members:
It is imperative that I mention the USACA Compliance Officer, Mr. Shelton Glasgow is a brave man to have subjected himself and family to such warrant less insults and threats.   Mr.Glasgow’s work has produced a body of evidence which is clearly demonstrating that the USACA honor system of compliance has been abused by several leagues and officials.
The volume or work needed to complete this necessary task is now beyond USACA’s internal management.   It is therefore necessary that we turn this job over to a capable third party.
Within the next few days an independent accounting or law firm will be engaged with the expectation that  all USACA leagues and officials will cooperate to the fullest including a stay of all elections until this process is completed.  
I am aware that some regions have held elections, leagues within these regions will also be required to pass this compliance test..
Gladstone Dainty
President USACA
Lets hope (actually pray) that the "third party" law/accounting firm that is being retained is not run by Mr Dainty's close Demerara friends.
Some would say Mr. Mugabe and Mr. Karzai can learn a thing or two of how to make an awful mess, pristine, from Mr. Dainty.  Time will tell, not that we have enough of it as far as orderly US cricket goes.

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