July 6, 2011

Time for the US National Cricket Teams to Play and Play Well

July 6, 2011

The selections for the US T20 senior side and U19 side are done and dusted.   They have been critiqued here and elsewhere.  There have been some shocking exclusions and a few strange inclusions, with a lot of speculations on the reasons behind these.  But there are also many deserving players who have been selected, presumably on merit but one can never tell as little is known on how selections work and how selectors think.

Much is at stake as the US senior and junior sides get ready to participate in international tournaments in July and August.   For the senior side, the goal is to finish in the top two to qualify for further T20 competition leading to the T20 CWC in 2012.  For the U19 side, the goal is to finish in the top six of the ten teams that will compete so that they can qualify for the U19 CWC also in 2012.  Neither of these goals should be considered gimmes.

In a few weeks, we will get a chance to reflect and analyze how these teams did and, in turn, how the coaches and selectors did.   Until then, lets enjoy watching, hearing and reading about our national teams' performances and lets hope that their campaigns are successful.

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