July 18, 2011

NWR wins the 2011 National U15 Tournament (Again)

NWR is making a strong claim to be called the cradle of US youth cricket.  The NWR U15 team finished with a perfect 5-0 record beating the New York Region's U15 in a closely contested final.  In the past year, the U17 team from CCA (which is in the NWR) easily won the National Invitational and the NWR U19 is arguably the best regional side having beaten all the teams in the Western Conference Tournament and then beating SER and SWR in the curtailed National U19 Tournament in December 2010.   In this context, it is remarkable that USACA continues to not recognize the strength of this region by routinely ignoring its proven talent.  This needs to change for the sake of US youth cricket for the bias is clear as daylight.

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